Best Natural Engineer On The Planet

I am a naturally intuitive engineer, probably like the romans had before there were schools. And they sure did some ausgezeitnet designing and building. The only thing my degree from Ohio State provided was the engineering credentials, especially since i graduated with honors. Being the best engineer on the planet doesn’t mean i don’t make mistakes, i do and have, but what you get is engineering insight from mother nature herself, for i am just a very small collective part of this magnificent living planet gifted with a knack for natural engineering.

I graduated from Ohio State University in 1977 cum laude in Mechanical Engineering using the GI Bill from the four years in the U S Navy and help from my wife. I am a Vietnam Navy veteran, served on the USS Hancock CVA 19 a WW2 vintage aircraft carrier as an airdale on the flight deck. I spent 4 years at the Timken company reviewing tapered roller bearing designs for construction equipment mfg such as caterpillar and john deere two of the best. I spent the rest of my engineering career at the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory at West Mifflin Pa, the Westinghouse facility where the Nautilus submarine was born, designing and building stuff for testing classified navy nuclear powered powered systems. Along the way i also became proficient in civil engineering from experience in the projects i had to build.

Send me your project or problem and I will review it for you using my natural experience and experience in designing and building systems over the years. After i am done you pay me what you think my effort was worth. I will abide with whatever you decide, but if i think you have take advantage of me then i will not do any more projects for you. End of discussion. Tom

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