> Why don’t we bottle our water?

A person asked why we don’t bottle our spring water. We could reapply for the  bottle water license we had from 1998 to 2004 if we bottled the water for you. For us to bottle our spring water we have to put ozone or oxygen3 into the water to disinfect the inside of the bottle. All bottle water in the USA requires this. The problem is that ozone, just like chlorine, is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant only it is about 2000 times stronger. When it is done oxidizing and killing all germs it eventually breaks down into oxygen2 which is in the air we breath and is safe. The problem is that not only does it kill germs but it also forms disinfection byproducts with minerals and other substances in the water or the plastic bottle which can be harmful. The chlorine disinfection byproducts have been found to be harmful and are regulated. Although ozone disinfection byproducts can also be harmful, the government does not regulate them yet just as they did not regulate chlorine disinfection byproducts for many many years until someone did a study exposing the harmful byproducts of chlorine. We are sorry, but until there is more research, we will not be taking any chances by adding ozone which may add harmful disinfection byproducts to our pristine spring water.

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