Germinating Tomato Seeds

Years ago I used to have lunch at a small bar in West Mifflin called Donnys which is closed now. Donnys Dad, who was known as Big Don, was a retired gas station operator, and would be at the bar occasionally and I got to know him. He loved to grow tomatoes from seed and he knew I had spring water so he wanted to do a test with his tomato seeds comparing how the seeds would germinate using distilled water, city tap water and our spring water. He told me after his test was done that the seeds grew the best with using our spring water. It’s only only one test but it makes sense because our spring water has lots of clay in it and plant roots do well with some clay in the soil. Clay particles are so small that they have slight electrical charges which hold on to plant nutrients, far better than sand. Clay soils also store large amounts of water in the very fine spaces between their particles.

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