> Red Eyed Pigeon

Red Eyed Pigeon

Last year, 2014, when we brought the portable water kiosk to the Uptown Mt Lebanon Farmers Market for the first time, a pigeon landed on the top of it and pooped on the front of it. I couldn’t get close enough to see if the pigeon had red eyes, but it was definitely grey. We never saw another pigeon land on the water kiosk again but it reminded me of the pigeon encounter in 2008.

In May of 2008, the three of us went for a bike ride on the Montour Trail in McDonald Pa. We took the bikes to McDonald in the back of pickup truck. Just north of the McDonald Trestle ( a long high old train bridge) there was a grey pigeon with red eyes on the side of the trail. We noticed it because we had never seen a pigeon on the trail before let alone on the ground along side it. It was gone on the return leg of our trip. After the bike ride, we put the bikes back into the truck, stopped at a gas station to get gas and drove to Cecil, about six miles away. When we got out of the truck, in the back yard on the ground was a grey pigeon with red eyes. It walked around on ground for few minutes and then left. It looked just like the one we had seen in McDonald. We have never seen pigeons at our house before and never saw a pigeon again.

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