> Naturally Flowing or Bore Hole Spring Water?

Our spring water naturally flows from the side of a hill. Most bottled spring water comes from boreholes. What are boreholes? They just wells drilled near a spring which a company paid geologist certifies is the same water as that from the spring. Why do they do this? Because in order to make money, they have to have large amounts of spring water than most natural flowing springs provide. Plus as business increases, you can’t get more water out of the original spring, but you can drill another well nearby. So why do they call them boreholes? If they didn’t, then the water would be coming from a well and couldn’t be called spring water, it would have to be called well water, which is not as desirable as spring water. Is there a difference between free flowing spring water and that from a well called a borehole? Common sense tells you there are many difference, however the main difference is borehole or well water does not have clay that most naturally flowing spring waters do.

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