Roving Spring Water (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

IMG_0201In addition to our regular roadside spring we have a portable solar powered  water kiosk mounted on a trailer that we call Roving Spring Water that people use to fill their own jugs. It has the same filters and UV system system as our regular spring, except it has a large tank inside.  It is solar powered, totally automated and requires quarters to operate but does not provide change. It can accept 1 to 7 gallon jugs.  The water has  been tested and the test results are posted on the front of the kiosk. If you have need for some pristine spring water, we can set up the Roving Spring Water at you location for the day. We drop it off in the morning and pick it up in the evening. We only leave our kiosk for the day and normally once every two weeks. At the most we leave it one day per week for busy locations. Normally people have their own jugs to fill, however if you want to also provide jugs we have new one gallon jugs we can sell  to you wholesale.

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