We combine natural honey from bees we have with sediment clay from spring water from our roadside spring which consists of clay and particles that are carried with the spring water as it passes through the soil. We use a ratio of one part honey to 4 parts clay. The honey is needed to make the clay stick and has its own benefits. While we have no scientific evidence people have used this for clearing eczema and other skin conditions. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money minus $5 for shipping and handling. The container is a small glass jelly jar and we fill with 4 oz.and sell for $100 per container.

Since this is the sediment clay from our spring water, there is a limited amount we have to sell depending on how much settles out in the bottom of a trough, which holds about a gallon of sediment. We do not mine this clay, it is spring water sediment clay.

To use, apply sparingly and rub onto the skin until it starts to dry. Keep in cool dark location.



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